2012-2013 Bowling Season at West Seattle Bowl                  





 Who are we?
We are a fun Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Straight bowling league that meets every Sunday for Fall/Winter/Spring League in West Seattle.

We bowl for fun. Some are a bit more serious about bowling than others but we all bowl on Sunday nights for friendship and fun.

Our 2011-2012 Season has begun. If you are interested in joining our league (it is never too late to join) contact me, Steve Martinez at info@ThePrideLeague.com .  Our league averages range from the mid 80's to low 200's. We are a sanctioned, handicapped league, therefore it is a very even playing field for all levels.

Join us Today! Have lots of fun! Meet lots of people!


Other than the cost of your own equipment (if you wish to own your own equipment), weekly dues are $17.00 per week.

This is the break down of how that $17.00 is applied weekly:
$11.25 Linage Fees (bowling) $1.25 Banquet Fee
$0.45 Secretary Fee $3.65 Prize Fund
$0.25 Treasurer Fee $0.15 Admin. Fund

In addition to the weekly fees there is a one time $20.00 sanction fee. We are a USBC (United States Bowling Congress) and SUBA (Seattle Unified Bowling Association) sanctioned league. This fee is not required if you are already sanctioned in a local Seattle bowling league for the 2010-2011 season.

On any given week there may be additional prize funds you can pay to get into. We operate a 50-50 strike pot, occasional blind double tournaments and brackets.

The Pride League   email: info@ThePrideLeague.com

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